Master Jeweller Mika Tarkkanen

For the owner of the company, Mika Tarkkanen, the name really says it all. Tarkkanen, whose name in Finnish means ‘meticulous’, was born to be a master of the precise and detailed art of goldsmithery.

Mika’s father, Unto Tarkkanen, founded the company in 1955

”Working in the jewellery business has been a privilege. I have grown into this profession and way of life since I was a child.

The greatest pleasure in the job is to be able to work with beautiful and happy things every day. People have a cause for celebration when they come to us.”

Tarkkanen’s sensibility manifests itself in his motto ‘To the world, you’re just a somebody, but to somebody, you’re the world’.

Master Jeweller Mika Tarkkanen

Master Jeweller Ville Tuovinen

Ville Tuovinen has worked at the Tarkkanen Atelier since 2007. Tuovinen is passionate about different stones, which he uses to create a variety of surfaces that give each piece of jewellery an amazing appearance and luxurious sparkle. Ville was born in St. Petersburg and speaks Russian as his first language, though he spent his childhood in Heinola, Finland.

“Precision, attention to technical detail and high-end finishing are the best terms to describe the jewellery that I make. I want to provide those wearing my jewellery with products of the highest quality based on innovative solutions, classical timelessness and harmony created by the stones. I often combine diamonds and precious stones with precious metals in my jewellery.”

Tuovinen has always had a passion for working with his hands, and he has been involved in competitions since the start of his career. When only in the first year of his studies, he was selected to take part in training that aimed at the world championship competition. Ville is the only Finn to have won a medal in jewellery at the world championships with the bronze medal he achieved at the 2007 WorldSkills Competition.

"Я приглашаю вас в наше ювелирное ателье, где вы сможете познакомиться с уникальными изделиями талантливых мастеров."
"Наши ювелиры создают украшения и по индивидуальным заказам. Русскоязычный специалист поможет вам как ознакомиться с широким ассортиментом нашего магазина, так и создать дизайн вашего собственного украшения."
Master Jeweller Ville Tuovinen

Goldsmith artisan Christoffer Nyström

Christoffer has an artisan diploma in jewellery from Axxell College in Ekenäs. Christoffer is the youngest goldsmith at Tarkkanen’s Atelier having graduated in 2016. He first joined Tarkkanen as an apprentice and started working full time as soon as he graduated.

“The best part of working at Tarkkanen’s Atelier is the varied nature of the work and the fact that I can be involved in the design process.”

Nyström is a very accomplished draughtsman, a skill that is very useful for a young goldsmith. His sketchbook usually fills with new ideas during his coffee breaks.

Christoffer är verkstadens svenskspråkiga guldsmed och betjänar gladeligen alla våra svenskspråkiga kunder!


Apprentice Robert Tarkkanen

Robert is in his last year of upper secondary school but this is not stopping him from becoming a third-generation goldsmith. He is sure to encounter numerous emotional moments if his father’s start at the job is anything to go by; Mika handed in his notice at least ten times in his first year with the company.

“It’s great to see and understand how pieces of jewellery are made, from start to finish, here at our atelier.”
Kultaseppämestari Ville Tuovinen

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